The Cardiac Arrest-A Survivors Story

Prior to September of 2012 my life was typical.  I was 54 years old, married, and always had an excuse as to why I had not quit smoking or gotten any exercise, except for square dancing, which I love to do.  You would think I should have feared dying from a smoking related disease because my father died from emphysema at age 69 and my mother died from lung cancer at age 70.  I had told people that I fully expected to die the same way.  I was just hoping to live to 71 years old so I could outlive my parents.  It’s not that I liked smoking so much but it was more that I had tried to quit and couldn’t so I figured it was my lot in life.  Oh, how wrong I was!

On September 5, 2012, life as I know it changed forever and I was given a second chance, one more shot if you will. I suffered a sudden cardiac arrest at home and at that time my chances of survival were only 2-3 percent.  Thanks to my wife, Debbie, who started CPR and to a group of police officers, paramedics and the ER staff who did not give up, I am alive and doing well.

I am alive because of God. I figured out a while ago that there is a book of life and everyone’s name is in it and when it’s your time, you’re going.  I know it sounds rather simplistic and please remember that this is only my opinion.  I will leave the debate over life and death to greater minds than mine. One of the things I have carried with me since my cardiac arrest is that a friend of mine, Barb, sent me an email sometime after I had woken up from my coma that said in part, “God was not ready for you and the Devil was afraid you would take over so you came back to us”

If you asked 100 Sudden Cardiac Arrest survivors to tell you their story you would get 100 different stories and yet there is a common theme.  Most will tell you that we have spent some time “Wondering Why Me?” but mostly we are eternally grateful for one more shot at life.

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I love to talk to people about my journey of recovery and how important it is that people learn CPR and learn to use an AED.  If you would like me to come and talk to your company or group please contact me at: or call me at 612.961.6572